Flatuation or Flagellation?

When I was in seventh grade, the ELP teacher came into our class to recommend some books to us. He read a few excerpts aloud to get us hooked. In one book, he came across the word “flagellation.” Giggles erupted across the room. Seventh grade boys may not know many four syllable words, but “flatulation” is one of them, and its auditory resemblence to “flagellation” was just too much to handle. Since then, the two words have always connected themselves in my mind.

The other day, when I was flipping through an issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray, I came across an amusing and possibly helpful tidbit I thought I’d share with you:

“Yep, we’re going there. Look, the truth is, some of our favorite foods have gassy side effects. Add these natural remedies to the pot, and you’ll save your butt.

Toss a handful of capers into tomato sauces.

Add caraway seeds to sauerkraut and coleslaw.

Boil fresh bay leaves with grains and dried beans.

Season broccoli and brussels sprouts with fresh chives.”


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