Second-hand Cooking Magazines

I’ve just finished going through about a year’s worth of Rachael Ray magazines, rereading them and cutting out the vegetarian recipes I wanted to try. I feel bad just throwing them away since there’s so much meat left to them, excuse the pun, so if you’d like to look through some picked over RR recipes, let me know. Pretty soon, I’ll also have some Taste of Home Simple and Delicious magazines that will still have some good recipes left in them, if you’re interested in those as well.


2 thoughts on “Second-hand Cooking Magazines

  1. I finished my Taste of Home project tonight. Do you want those too?I also have the stuff you requested a long time ago off my “get rid of my stuff” list. It’s been in my car for a really long time, and I forget to give it to you whenever I see you.

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