Puppy Preparations

After we left the animal shelter last night, we went on a date at Graze, a restaurant on the ped mall in Iowa City. I had bought a $25 gift certificate to Graze on Restaurants.com for $4, so it was a pretty decent deal. We had the Pesto Veggie Pizza, Spinach and Three Cheese, and the unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are) named Half-Ass Ice Cream Pie. We were a little too distracted by the prospect of spending Wednesday night with Gustav to enjoy much time looking into each other’s eyes, but that was just fine.

Afterwards, we picked up Keriann and went to PetCo, Gordman’s, and Target to get our puppy supplies, which are shown above. (I’d noticed when I went to Gordman’s last week looking for something else that they had a decent puppy section.) Some of our favorite purchases were the Bear Biscuits (which are apparently also fed to bears in zoos), blueberry, yogurt, and almond flavored bite-sized treats (which may taste a little too girly), and the “tire” frisbee. We read that he doesn’t get super excited about toys when they’re just laying around, but we saw him bring a tennis ball in from outside last night and heard he likes fetch, so we had to get tennis balls and some other toys too, just in case.

We’re going to pick him up today at 4:30, but still haven’t decided on a name. Pictures of Gustav at home to come!


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