Our Evening with Fitz

Photo by Aunt Keriann

Gustav = Fitz

After a long and painful deliberation, we finally came to the decision that our new puppy’s name is Fitzwilliam. Colonel Fitzwilliam is a minor character from Pride and Prejudice that we both really like, and Fitzwilliam is Mr. Darcy’s first name. We also think Fitz sounds a little bit Irish, and he’s got reddish hair. We actually liked Gustav pretty well, but we wanted him to have a name from his new mom and dad and a name that was often used in Scandinavian royalty just didn’t seem to fit his personality.

He’s been such a good boy all night! It will be interesting to see what he’s really like once he gets more comfortable here. He loves looking out our sliding glass doors at what’s happening in the back yard, and he didn’t beg at the table at all during supper. He just laid on the floor like this:

Now, all we need is a tag with his name, and it will be official!


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