As I was applying for sub jobs, I had this fear that I would never ever get called to sub and that we would have a deficit each month that would drive us deeper and deeper into credit card debt and that Dave Ramsey would come yell at me. Because, could I really trust God to provide for us? Let’s take a look at his track record over the past 3 months:

November: We received a substantial anonymous gift that allowed us to get through the end of the semester, through the holiday season, and to Faithwalkers.

December: Christmas and graduation gifts galore in the form of money.

January: Tons of hours at Capanna, plus getting called in on short-staffed days when I wasn’t working, plus having Mike and Joe be super flexible about when I can go in to make gelato so I can sub as much as possible.

So, all of this adds up to about a months worth of expenses in monetary gifts, plus a really flexible work schedule that allows me to work as much as possible. But really, I knew that this period of people just giving us money for nothing had to end, and the school systems couldn’t be under the control of the Almightly Sovreign.

Fast forward to January 23rd. My sub applications are all in the mail or in the hands of school HR personnel. My doubts about ever subbing are consuming.

January 28: I get a call from an automated system to sub in Solon. I haven’t received my password for this in the mail (they sent it yesterday) so I hang up and go back to bed, confused. Then, I get a call from a human because they need a sub so bad, and I work a half day.

January 29: Call from Lone Tree about subbing for my former cooperating teacher in a Kindergarten class in a few weeks.

January 30: Call from Lone Tree to sub today.

All this equals that in my first week of subbing, I earned enough money to cover the deficit we’d have for 1 month. Since then, I’ve subbed 3.5 days and have 4 jobs lined up for the next three weeks, I’ve been called by multiple districts on the same day, I scored a job for 2 days in the same class in May, and there have consistently been openings in the evening and morning on the online sub site that I can accept at the click of a button.

Yeah, God is pretty good, especially to this doubter.

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