I shopped at ALDI once after we first got married. I’d never been there before and didn’t know any of the rules. Dexter and I walked around, picked out a few things (because where were the carts?!–on the side of the building I didn’t see from where I parked) and then the lady at the checkout was rude to us when I touched the cart she’d put our stuff into. It was a really uncomfortable experience, and I was more than willing to sacrifice the few pennies I’d save by shopping there to show them that I wouldn’t put up with that attitude.

Today, I decided to conquer my pride and try again. I came, armed with a quarter, figured out how to get my cart, and got inside. Just inside the door, I found a great deal on V8 Splash, then on spices, and was looking forward to buying some beautiful yellow bananas for $.45/lb. I was a little disappointed by the rest of the selection because it seemed like about everything I picked up was PHO-filled. And the bananas were neither beautiful nor yellow, but I put them in my cart because I assumed that the inside was still banana-y. I headed for the registers and got in line behind 9 other people at the one register they had open. Finally, someone else came out to help the poor lone woman at the open register. My items were rung up and I was just about to celebrate a triumphant trip. I swiped my Discover card, and was dismayed when it asked for my PIN. The cashier (who was at least polite this time) cancelled my order and I went over to the side to dig through my purse for my debit card, a little flustered and irritated. I couldn’t find it and realized that I hadn’t put it back in my purse after getting cash (which I did not have with me either) earlier in the day. I walked out of the store, frustrated and disappointed that my maturity in overcoming my ALDIsdain was not more rewarded.

So, I feel like being done with ALDI for another couple of years–or just telling myself that I don’t have to try again even then. Are you a faithful ALDI shopper? Were your first attempts their as irritating as mine? And, most importantly, do you think you find great enough deals to make the trip to ALDI worthwhile?


3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Oh man, once we picked out a whole cart load of groceries the night before payday… not enough $ on the debit card… they don’t accept credit cards… or checks. So embarrasing!I like to go there because they have whole wheat bread with no HFCS. I’m not a HFCS nazi, but I think it’s kind of a silly thing to put in bread.

  2. Ooh! What kind of bread is that? I picked up one kind of WW bread and rejected it for either PHOs or HFCS, but I don’t remember which. If I venture back, I’ll have to find it.

  3. I’m a very faithful ALDI shopper but I have my routine down (quarter stays in the same place in the vehicle, bags hang on the door knob in the laundry room). Until we went to raw milk it was by far the cheapest milk in town.Cereal is tasty – rarely HFCS and cheap. We are generally really happy with the in season produce. You may want to find out what day the produce truck comes and go that day or the next – there is a difference here. We buy our cheese there too and are very happy with that.I say give it another shot but you may want to read the web site to be prepared for the experience.Quarter for cart, debit or cash only, pay for bags, only their brand. They do run weekly specials that revolve around the holiday or some ethnic origin and I look forward to those – especially the mexican week. Black Beans and Chick Peas for .45/can!

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