New Home

The duplex we’re moving to is by no means a palace. It’s pretty humble, but when compared item by item to HC, the title “palace” makes a little more sense. Here’s why I love our new place:

1. New House has a hall coat closet AND a pantry (instead of a hall coat closet that we use as a pantry and kitchen chairs used as coat closets).
2. New House has more than four feet of counter space AND half the counter space is not blocked by a dryer.
3. New House has a “grown up” sized oven and stove top.
4. New House has a garbage disposal.
5. New House has a garage.
6. New House has carpet. New house will have new carpet in February.
7. New House has an upstairs.
8. New House has cupboards under the bathroom sink.
9. New House has space enough in the bathroom for 2 people of similar heights to brush their teeth without elbowing each other in the face. (In the current bathroom, one of us sits on the toilet or the edge of the bathroom while the other stands.)
10. New House has a “small” bedroom that is bigger than our biggest bedroom.
11. New “small” bedroom does not need to house our dryer.
12. New House walls get to be painted the colors of our choosing.
13. New House allows new family members…of the canine variety!

However, I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t appreciate where we’ve been living for the past 2 years and some months. Here are some perks of HC that New House may not provide.

1. HC has a bathroom small enough that if someone tries to open the door while you’re in there, the door will hit you but nothing will be seen.
2. HC is small enough that if you have a party you don’t need to plan an icebreaker. The decreased personal space will take care of that.
3. HC never lets you be lonely. It provides you with bugs–both company and agility training.
4. HC increases storage idea creativity.
5. HC encourages one to purge unneeded items. (see previous posts!)
6. HC provides lots of awesome neighbors!
7. HC is sometimes like an international vacation with great culinary experiences!
8. HC is a place where other people take care of my lawn and the snow.
9. HC had a broken gas meter for 2 years (not to our knowledge) so we just started paying for heat this fall.
10. HC has cinderblock walls which I believe are tornado proof.
11. HC is like a diet coach because the oven is so small you can only make a few cookies at a time.
12. HC is small enough that it only takes me 5 seconds to find Dexter without even talking.
13. HC builds character.

HC, I will miss the other people that live in you and very few other things about you, but I am glad I lived in you so that I have stories to tell my kids someday.


3 thoughts on “New Home

  1. A garage sounds like a wonderful dream right now! We put a tarp over our windshield during the ice storm. I love this list. 🙂 Enjoy your new place!

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