Why I Love My New Bread Maker

Or, The Things I Accomlished While Simultaneously Baking Bread

1. Washed two sinks full of dishes

2. Reorganized the pictures and magnets on my fridge

3. Helped Dexter with Spanish

4. Did two loads of laundry

5. Cleaned the bathroom

The Things I Did Not Do While/After Baking Bread

1. Get flour all over my clothes/in my hair

2. Spread flour all over my kitchen

3. Break the folding leaf on my kitchen table while kneading

4. Wonder if I was letting too much flour get into the dough while kneading

5. Eat bread with high fructose corn syrup or other chemicals in it

Things I Am Unsure About

1. How can a machine do that?

2. How does the salt keep away from the yeast enough to rise?

3. Is my bread supposed to rise a little more than this?

4. Where can I find good recipe for this size of bread maker? (1 lb loaves–a little on the small side I think)

5. How do I get the kneading blade out of the pan?


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